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The 7th Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2017 is one of the most influential conferences in logistics industry, a sole grand conference in Asia which covers logistics and it’s related extended industry and a renewed start after the big success achieved in Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2016. This summit will attract over 800 people from 60 countries in five continents to attend. This summit will be launched through business activities including speech, opening ceremony, forum, name-card lunch, one-to-one meeting, welcome banquet and business reception so as to break the barrier on industry communication and strengthen delegates’ business cooperation. It will provide a sound opportunity for delegates to meet worldwide potential partners and discuss new opportunities of business development face to face.
Opening ceremony
Name card lunch
One-to-one meeting
Welcome Banquet
One-to-one meeting
Tea break
Name card lunch
Business Reception
One-to-one meeting
Name card lunch
Tea break
One-to-one Meeting
  • 3-day meeting
  • 20 mins for one round
  • Over 5000 rounds meetings
  • Over 500 enterprises attending
  • Over 800 delegates participating
  • Business matching

The 3-day one-to-one meeting is one of the most active parts with highlights during the summit. The organizer of the summit will open the one-to-one schedule system one month ahead of time to ensure a highly business matching among all participants. Only those who have arranged the meeting slots could have a face-to-face communicating on the summit.


CEO Qiu ZhengQiuZheng, Southwest Logistics leader, Run’S Department of the core of the soul. From 1996 , to the present more than 18 years of industry experience 1996--2003, before and after the Guangzhou people's livelihood as a businessmanager, the people's livelihood logistics management department manager; 2003--2006, chief representative of Taiwan Southwest Logistics EVA In the 8th, June 2006,in the future to the present, lead the team to run a logistics, the western logistics "public international logistics platform development. Created run a DCI DCS DCF DCY and so on should be eight logistics platform for the company and cross-border company Team management culture and concept To sum up: inspirational light of life, entrepreneurship to change your fate.

Director of Sealion Cargo Inc Christopher BerschelChristopher Berschel, Director of Sealion Cargo Inc. He specialized in logistics industry for many years, now he owns two freight forwarding companies in Canada and will open the third one soon. Recent years, export/import businesses are increasing rapidly between Canada and China, so Christopher will analysis Canadian Freight Forwarding Market, mainly focus on China Canada lane through our summit.

General Manager Assistant of CICC paid east China area, leader of Internet financial, logistics and major industry Zhang MinminGeneral Manager Assistant of CICC paid east China area, leader of Internet financial, logistics and major industry. She has in the service of the Internet finance and commodity trading market, capital security of logistics e-commerce and payment of integrated solutions for many years. Zhang has a deep understanding and practice experience in Internet finance and commodity trading, payment and security issue of logistics industry.

Standing Vice President of the China Communications and Transportation Association Wang DerongMale, the Han nationality, was born in June 1934 from Hei Bei Wu Qiao and joined the Communist Party of China in 1956. Currently he holds the position of Standing Vice President of the China Communications and Transportation Association. From 1954-1958, he was enrolled in Beijing Rail Institute(now named as Northen Transportation University) and was allocated to the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of the State Economic Commission, named as deputy director and director of the Research Institute previous years. Named as chief enginner of the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation in 1983 and director with party secretary of the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation in 1985 together with the additional post of Undersecretary General of the China Communications and Transportation Association established in 1982. Work in the China Communications and Transportation Association in 1989 and named as vice director with secretary general, standing vice president, as well being the part-time member of academician of the CILT International, the president of the China branch of the CILT International, president of the China branch of the Asia Transport Institute, State Planning Experts Commission member, the president of the Logistics and Transport branch of the China Communications and Transportation Association, the president of the Beijing Communications and Transportation Association of Logistics Institute. Over the years Mr. Wang engaged in the fields of strategy and planning of the China’s transportation development, transportation economic and technical policies, major transportation construction project, international container transportation development and operations, China logistics development strategy, planning and policy, etc. Mr.Wang was rewarded the first batch of the Important Contribution Expert by State Council in 1991. And rewarded the first “ China Logistics Top 10 Celebrity” in 2002.

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