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Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2018 is one of the most influential conferences in logistics industry, a sole grand conference in Asia which covers logistics and it’s related extended industry and a renewed start after the big success achieved in the 7th Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2017. This summit will attract over 1500 people from 100 countries to attend. This summit will be launched through business activities including opening ceremony, speech, forum, name-card lunch, one-on-one meeting, welcome banquet and cocktail reception so as to break the barrier on industry communication and strengthen delegates’ business cooperation. It will provide a sound opportunity for delegates to meet worldwide potential partners and discuss new opportunities of business development face to face. This conference also helps enterprises to improve their influence, establishing a platform for their win-win co-operation.
Oct. 17th
Opening ceremony
Name card lunch
One-to-one meeting
Welcome Banquet
Oct. 18th
One-to-one meeting
Tea break
Name card lunch
Pool Party
Oct. 19th
One-to-one meeting
Name card lunch
Tea break
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